For years society has been leveeing off wetlands for expanding developments and infrastructure, channelizing waterways for flood prevention and maintenance and diminishing habitats for native species all in the name of progress.  Today the tides have shifted and restoration work is becoming a major facet of our industry.  Cities and counties are returning waterways to original condition, former wetland areas are being breached and everywhere this restoration takes place habitats are being created to accelerate the return of wildlife.  Maggiora & Ghilotti has already had its hand in multiple restoration projects past and present.  We are constantly learning and evolving to the new methods and materials being implemented;  fish rescue, arch culverts, blending of creek substrates, rock vanes, woody debris habitats, earthen features, tide pools, vegetated rock slope protection, willow staking, etc.  All of these facets are constructed while following permit guidelines and environmental regulations.  Some of the projects we have completed are;

Novato Creek (multiple projects over last 30 years)
Owner:   County of Marin Flood Control

  • From installing concrete walls along lower Novato creek along homes in the floodplain, removal of sediments impeding volume and flow to realignment, rock vanes for flow direction and restorative slope work, we have deep rooted ties to Novato Creek and its inner workings.

Award winning fish ladders and creek restoration in Woodacre, CA
Owner:  County of Marin Flood Control

  • We have completed 3 different culvert/fish ladder projects in Woodacre. These projects consist of removal of concrete culverts, installing arch culverts along with blended aggregates to simulate natural creek bed conditions.

Berkeley Meadow Phase 3
Owner:  East Bay Regional Parks

  • A 30 acre site restoration between Hwy 80 and the SF Bay just north of the University Exit, this site was an unrestricted landfill many years ago and thanks to Maggiora & Ghilotti is now a restored meadow complete with tide pools and animal habitat. Work consisted of re-grading the site after capping garbage, debris and non-native plant species, installation of a segment of Bay Trail, creating clay lined tide pools, amending soil for plant suitability and seeding/planting of native species.

Putah Creek Restoration Phase 1 & 2
Owner:  Solano County Water Agency

  • Maggiora & Ghilotti restored over a mile of Putah Creek just outside downtown Winters, CA. The project involved heavy clearing of dense overgrown vegetation, building an upstream coffer dam, installation of twin 24” fuse pipes for bypassing the creeks flows, dewatering the creek, fish rescue with the assistance of the Putah Creek Council volunteers, reconstructing the low flow channel, rebuilding the flood plains, installing wood structures and gravel riffles for habitat and then removing the bypass system and restoring creek flows. The work was scheduled over two seasons but even with a late start Maggiora & Ghilotti was able to complete the work in half the time allowing for the creek to be planted and benefit from the winter rains. Take a look at this PDF showing a time lapse of pre, during and post construction.

Cullinan Ranch Phase 3
Owner: US Fish & Wildlife thru Ducks Unlimited

  • Located along westbound Hwy 37, 1 mile past Mare Island, this 3rd phase of work consisted of clearing vegetation, stabilizing the perimeter drainage ditch, installation of 16,000 CY of lightweight foam block fill, 100,000 CY of earthwork and armoring the slope with 22,000 ton of base rock for erosion protection. We also constructed an acceleration and deceleration lane to access the parking lot for the fishing pier and kayak launch, a temporary levee to isolate the portion of the site for future dredge spoils and creation of marsh mounds for animal habitat. The site was breached in January of 2015 returning tidal waters to the site for the first time in 100 years. To learn more about this project please visit www.restorecullinan.info


Eden Landing Phase 2
Owner: CA Fish & Game thru Ducks Unlimited

  • Located off of Hwy 92 in Hayward, CA this site is the remnants of the old Cargill Saltworks. These ponds have a very high salinity content from years of salt harvesting. The project consisted of creating a new levee thru the middle of the site and multiple berms to create 10 segments and a central channel. Water control structures were installed to control flows and levels between segments along with channels, berms and nesting islands for the Endangered Snowy Plovers which inhabit (and during breeding) dominant the site. Additional work to create a yard for CA Fish and Game staff, aggregate surfacing, fences, gates and public access features (8’ diameter compass rose, benches, informative signage and viewing stations) were also performed. Not only was all of the earthwork was performed using Long Reach Excavators working from large timber mud mats and Low Ground Pressure bulldozers on top of extremely soft soils but it was also coordinated around the nesting sites of the Endangered Plover and the Historic Remnants of the Saltworks structures. See the pdf showing the ponds before, during and after construction. You can see the berms, islands and channels even with the ponds being filled.